Unbound Quality Healthcare with AMREF Flying Doctors


Healthcare in East Africa remains lacking- underfunded and underdeveloped; even with the various government efforts to improve resource allocation to ensure that your right to health is met.
AMREF Flying Doctors is a leading international health development non-governmental organization based in Africa with its headquarters situated In Nairobi-Kenya.
AMREF Flying Doctors is the largest and best-known international air ambulance services provider; delivering a wealth of experience and solid infrastructure across its personnel plus existing volunteer programs, equipment, services and products and volunteers.

Crafting The Most From Your Charity.


AMREF Flying Doctors aims to help and improve health one breath at a time: while encouraging you to participate in the organisation’s unrivaled opportunities to practice medicine in challenging and varied environments and give back directly and indirectly to a well-known humanitarian organisation.
By introducing affordable and highly effective air ambulance and medical services; AMREF recognizes its involvement to society and extends a helping hand to ensure that you can access medical and logistical assistance on request, to both individual patient and organisations locally and international as well.

"We go where no one else goes"

The world’s splendor is made up of an impressively diverse terrain that makes the existence of even the most basic infrastructure a living nightmare; AMREF knows this and provides extensive experience in navigating the difficult terrain and airstrips that characterize the landscape in East Africa and beyond.

AMREF Flying Doctors Evacuates mainly from East Africa but can arrange evacuations from anywhere on the continent. We can also fly patients to almost anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Know-how so We Know-How to Serve You

AMREF aims to eliminate R.O.I procedures (Redundant, Obsolete and Ineffective) to ensure optimal service delivery through their frequent medical staff training in Intensive Care Medicine.