How To Have Great Holidays On A Budget

It’s holiday time and most people, whether families, couples or just individuals are looking to treat themselves. The only thing in these people’s way is the high cost associated with holidays. Below are a few tips on how to go on fantastic trips both locally and abroad on a budget.

  1. Bargain
    Negotiation is the lifeblood of the travel industry, so bargain when dealing with tour operators, travel agents and hotels for the best deals that will save you money.

  2. Use price-comparison websites – with care
    Price-comparison websites seemingly offer nothing but benefits to consumers looking for the best rates on car hire, travel insurance and package holidays. They can certainly save you money. However you should always read the fine print and find out how much the overall package will cost you.

  3. Book your holidays-way in advance
    If you can commit yourself a long time in advance you will usually get the best fares, especially for peak periods. Book your flights and accommodation in advance for the best prices before the costs are hiked during the peak seasons.

  4. Travel overnight
    In order to save costs on accommodation, you could travel overnight and get to your destination in the morning. This will save you the cost of a night’s stay at a hotel.

  5. Take your own food
    By packing your own sandwiches or other food, you will be saved from having to buy expensive meals at restaurants or local shops.

  6. Swap your house
    If you live in a reasonably desirable area, and are prepared to let others borrow your house, a home swap - and perhaps a car swap - with like-minded holidaymakers abroad will guarantee huge savings. Ensure that you use a reputable agency to match you with compatible holidaymakers.

  7. Walk
    Many popular cities - Paris, Vienna, Venice, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Rome – are compact. Plan your sightseeing geographically and you can save on all your bus and train fares.

  8. Eat away from tourist attractions
    Restaurants and cafes a few steps away from the big sights are invariably cheaper than those whose main trade comes from tourists. A five-minute walk can halve your bill and get you a much better experience.

  9. Beware of phone roaming costs
    When on holiday abroad, be sure that you know about your mobile service provider’s terms and conditions when roaming. In most cases, it is extremely expensive. You can cut out these costs by using various communication Apps such as Skype to talk to friends and loved ones back home with the help of your hotel’s free Wi-Fi.

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Happy travels!