Hi'... Need a Taxi ???

Need to get somewhere? OR maybe your lifestyle is such that you need to get to everywhere…? We are all excited that taxi service exists for the busy-bees’, party-hoppers and comfy travel-buffs.

One of the splendid quirks of the 21st century is that your on-the-road experience is just a flash away,to get you to where your wanderlust or "eager beaver spirit" desires to go (especially if you’re new in town).

From Hired Hackney Carriage Services To Elaborate Automobile Selections…

  “ Did you know that this popular yet little-known trade has its own documented revolutionary inventions and innovations that led up to your life being so-o-o much easier?”

As early as the 17th century the taxi has significantly morphed to deliver more luxury, acceleration and accessibility (same as all industries) and led to “ The Information Highway” of luxury, acceleration and accessibility through the internet.

        ~ Welcomes You To The Virtual Expressway ~ 
                That Leads to The Highway... 

yellow.co.ke is your roadmap to professional taxi/cab services that support your safety and excellent client service delivery to get you to where you need to be, on time and (hopefully) happier.

          Your travel experience is not up for wager !    

Away with rude customer service, highway robbery and “nerves” about the taxi you’re about to board (sounds like cab-bliss, doesn’t it?) and it all gets real now that this royal treatment is ready-n-here on yellow.co.ke taxi business listings.
At yellow.co.ke the continued strive for superior service to all citizens, businesses and visitors, means that we aim to ensure that there is a taxi close to your home or business.

We Can Charge For Trips Not Lives!

  • The short-and-sweet-of-it-all: Travel is Safe & Cost-Effective with someone you can trust.

Now accessible on handheld smart devices, customers now have the upper hand... Today’s passenger wants choices and MORE choices and more and more…and they also want it all at the palm of their hand and yellow.co.ke is on top of creating innovative browser solutions for customers.

Whether you need a “ride share” service, single taxi, taxi shuttle service or executive car service… you know you’re safe and you can access the “right ride” from your smart device.