Security Measures That Will Help Keep You Safe

‘Better safe than sorry...’

We always hear these words, but how often do heed their meaning? In these uncertain times, especially in our fair country, we need to take measures to not only protect ourselves but also our families, homes and even our businesses. How do you protect the people and things that are important to us? By taking security measures of course! The following will guide you on the appropriate courses that you should take in order to ensure that those dear to you are safe.

Security Guards

There are a number of companies in the country so far providing this service and the number is growing. As new buildings for commercial and residential purposes come up, so does the need for guards increase. These professionals ensure that the location is secure, that no unauthorized people gain access to the premises and that any weapons or dangerous objects are not brought into the building. In the wake of terrorist threats in the country, this service have become a necessity to every institution.

Security Fence

A fence is an easy way to limit access to property. It ensures that the only entry and exit points are those that are clearly defined as such. In order to add more security to an ordinary fence, you could consider electrifying it, which hinders people from climbing it in order to enter the premises. A fence is good as it allows one to be aware of all the people entering and leaving.


This is one of the most basic security measures that should be used by everyone. Locks range from simple padlocks to complex mechanisms. Depending on the value of what you are protecting and your budget, the complexity of the locks and the level of security they provide vary. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is a system that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to specific monitors. This system is used in supermarkets, in commercial and residential buildings to monitor the activities of the people within.

Intruder alarm systems

These are devices that are designed to alert people of the presence of an intruder within their premises. These usually produce a siren like noise and the more sophisticated versions usually send a signal to the security company that installed the alarm. The noise may scare away the intruder(s) and alert the authorities.


Man’s best friend is an excellent choice when it comes to security measures. You can have pet –cum-watchdog at home, that will alert you during the event that intruders invade your home and may even attack them. They are also trained and used to sniff out illegal substances and potentially harmful objects such as drugs and bombs. They are very efficient when searching cars and even people at public places like hotels and airports.

Baggage & Cargo Scanners

Ideal for use in the transport sector, baggage and cargo scanners help to determine the contents of passengers’ luggage or cargo without the use of invasive procedures such as opening up the bags. These devices are important as they prevent any security threat that may occur in transit.

When choosing which of the above measures are most suitable for you, consider:
• The purpose of the security, that is who or what do you need it for • The size of the property • Your budget- how much are you willing to spend on your security • The area- is it in an urban or rural setting? This determines the availability of rescue teams and guards. Also consider the general security situation (is there a high occurrence of burglary and muggings?) and make a decision based on the facts.

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