[The hair is the richest ornament of women.] ~Martin Luther


Did you know that your hair, ‘says’ more than you think? Whether what’s being ‘said’ is in line with what you intended-your mane speaks volumes.

How does one exhaustively describe hair?

image We believe that all the reactions and actions that are for and by your gorgeous mane/hair is so much more than just a look: Its a reflection and reinforcement of who you You know it’s true…you’ve seen the tips and quizzes that ask you to select hair colour/styles/length/texture to help determine your personality/what’s-best-for-what-event (etc.).

E.g. Black hair colour = make great shrinks, therapists etc.

Hair holds its own and has earned its own checkbox in the media, corporate world and social settings; and just like the 21st century trends that evolve; hair has its on gallery of tresse’ legacy. Incase you are wondering if your hair is holding you back? / Does it make or break your first impression? -Yellow.co.ke allows gents & ladies to step out in their best tresse`.

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