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Gynn International Travel & Tours is upheld by appreciating that travel is not just a service-industry - but also a way to serve the world in an innovative, interactive, exciting way….
The tours & travel operator aims to have you experience the actual trip and related travel accessories with such ease and efficiency- you may just sign up for more trips, ALL at very attractive packages.

So What Exactly Can You Expect From Us...

Working with Gynn International Travel & Tours means that you get comprehensive game drives-inclusive of pick­up & drop-off services, professional-friendly tour guides, full board facilities at convenient, clean-reputable establishments and in some instances specialized activities for special groups (e.g. children, seniors, handicapped persons etc.)
Whether its Off Peak OR High Peak tourism season; Gynn International Travel & Tours provides attractive booking packages with various price variations for Kenyan Citizens & Foreigners.
However, if you are also interested in travelling locally, consult us and get travel information on availed packages of up to 4 days (from the day of pickup) to Masai Mara, Mombasa and Malindi-Watamu.

image Don’t miss out on scenic trips to Kenya’s extensive savanna and white, sandy beaches - all immersed in rich cultural diversity evident in souvenirs to enticing yourself with cuisines; for a trip that’s unforgettable.
For our esteemed clients who favour crossing the borders for a little more adventure; we have the comprehensive fun-packed Safari Blue excursion to Mnemba Island in Zanzibar’s travel packages – where you get to enjoy sailing, snookering and swimming with dolphins in the vast waters of the Indian Ocean.


If you are looking for a fun desert expedition … Get our Dubai travel package & experience luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene in UAE’s exquisite, vibrant commercial capital.
…Plush accommodations for you to choose from plus the ‘must-do’ experience of Dubai’s- famous desert safaris for that daredevil rush( all at pocket-friendly prices) while mingling with the locals as they welcome you into their culture -is an experience we are proud to associate you with.

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