Enjoy The Benefits Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more comfortable conditions, typically with the aim of distributing the conditioned air to an occupied space such as a building or a vehicle to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality. In common use, an air conditioner is a device that lowers the air temperature.

Though the concept of cooling the air around one’s space has been around since the time of ancient Egypt, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioning system in 1902. This invention has since then revolutionised how homes and even commercial buildings are constructed.

If you are thinking of having your home or office air conditioned, consider the advantages that comes with it:

  1. Controllable comfort
    Today's residential air conditioning systems allow you to enjoy your perfect indoor temperature in any of the rooms within your home.
    Bedrooms can be kept cool and comfortable throughout the warmest nights, allowing you and your family to fall peacefully to sleep, at the time you want to! But today's residential air conditioning systems can heat as well as cool, allowing a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.

  2. Reduction in humidity
    In addition to providing accurate temperature control, today's air conditioning systems also reduce the humidity within your home. Most systems have a dedicated 'dry' mode, where humidity can be reduced without over-cooling the room. Ideal for homes in damp locations.

  3. Silent operation
    Today's air conditioners are much quieter than conventional tabletop or pedestal fans, ensuring that your night's sleep is both comfortable, and peaceful.

  4. Banish nuisance insects
    With air conditioning installed, doors and windows can be kept closed keeping out those nuisance insects, like mosquitos, that keep you awake and bite in the night!

  5. Eliminate external noise pollution
    When doors and windows are kept closed, one is able to keep the noises such as traffic, outside.

  6. Improved security at home
    The ability to keep doors and windows closed also improves the security of your home, especially at night-time. With air conditioning installed, those sleeping in bedrooms at ground level can enjoy a safe and secure night's sleep.

  7. Improved air quality
    Today's air conditioners feature effective, air-purifying filtration systems to reduce bacteria, dust, house mites, pet fur and pollen, particularly benefitting those who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

  8. Convenient heat, exactly when you need it
    Unlike conventional central heating systems, residential air conditioners can provide immediate heat. Ideal for those times of year when the weather can be changeable, as energy-efficient heat is delivered almost immediately, at the touch of a button.

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