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Ever noticed how every embassy has their representative state’s flag hoisted almost as high as the trees and the compound (secluded from the rest of the world), seems to look like another part of the world? It’s mind blowing the first time you get to set foot in any embassy…

First, let’s pardon the inhabitants of the region (i.e. citizens) who usually don’t take note of “Embassies as a foreign sanctuary for its citizens and respective state” in our homeland.
An understandable slip since as a citizen, local authorities and organisations have you covered, you rarely need to ever be at an embassy.
So what happens to the “special needs” of the portion of our community who are not citizens of the land (refugees, tourists, foreign workers etc.)?
Before you read on, secondly, Karibu all foreigners!


It may not be your motherland but the law of the land applies to everyone...
The processes and knowledge you acquired prior to your arrival to any country is only the start; once you arrive some adjustments may be required in the event that your original purpose for travel changes.

 You need to always be informed: You need quick access to  
 reliable online resources,wherever and whenever, you need   

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Since technology cuts cost some may argue that most physical institutions are out-of-date and by extension embassies are irrelevant...
Not True!

As a key authority that offers sanctuary and as a response point, an embassy establishes a friendly relationship within the hosting nation for its leaders and (wananchi) citizens.

Whatever your purpose for being in foreign land, an embassy is usually a fortress of security, a hive of activity and a maze of chambers, so there are a few things you will definitely have to keep in mind.

This is why embassies should establish constant and relevant information.
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