Things to consider when starting a building project

Whether you are starting a multi-storey apartment complex or simply remodeling your own home, no matter what size your building project is, you need to hire the right construction company to get the work done well. What are the key factors to look for when selecting a construction company to carry out the work for you?

Knowledge of Construction

Before contracting any company to carry out your construction work, make sure that the company you are considering to hire have the technical know-how on the project you are about too undertake. Look through their portfolio to see their previous work so that you can gauge their level of experience.

Good Communication Skills

In order to fully understand and translate your ideas into your project, the company you select must have strong communication skills. They must have a deep level of comprehension for the clients’ needs and wants and must be able to make them come to reality.
image A Solid Team of Subcontractors

The company that you hire should have a solid team of loyal, experienced subcontractors who are specialists in various fields. These are the people who will make the intricate details perfect in your building project, thus they must know what they are doing.

Pocket Friendliness

Does the construction company that you have hired suit your budget? Take into account all costs, that is: materials, labour and all other factors that may come up. If the company is too costly, look for someone you can afford.

Knowledge Of Building Regulations

A good construction company should not only have a vast knowledge on the actual building itself, but also an understanding of the building regulations that govern your area. These are important ignoring them could lead to the condemnation and demolition of your construction.

Insurance cover

For purposes of accountability, ensure that the company that you select is insured and so are its staff. This is because, while on the job, an accident may occur and you will be held liable if an insurance cover is not available.

Look out for the above and you will have a more pleasant experience in your building project. For a list of construction companies available in Kenya visit

Happy building!